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Language Area

Musical cognition and language cognition go hand in hand. Memorizing our thousands of rhythmic and melodic patterns will stimulate your baby’s brain areas of language and cerebellum, thus improving her linguistic and vocabulary abilities. The language area (Broca Area and Wernicke Area) plays a lead role for language processing, learning and language production. Your baby’s hearing function is the primary pathway for language learning.

Improve your child’s Language Development

Executive Functions

New scientific evidence has shown learning music has neurological important benefits for the next stages of the cognitive development in childhood and early childhood. The prefrontal area allows your baby to understand, relate and adapt to new situations, making use of thought and direct interaction with objects and the world around her. Genes don’t design the brain in its entirety. What happens during the period from conception until the 3rd year of life is equally important

Improve Problem Solving Skills


The surroundings during your baby’s first years of life affect their brain’s development. The positive feelings which a baby receives during their first years of life will have very beneficial effects for their happiness. Emotional stimulations are the most effective and produce more neurotransmitters.

Music is the universal language of emotions. Even when we’re speaking, we’re also singing. In the ETFES© Method’s philosophy, a beautiful and sensitive environment arouses amazement and facilitates learning.

Working Memory

Working memory is about connecting the attention of the current moment with the accumulated information in order to solve the demands of the moment your baby is facing. The working memory depends on the cognitive fluidity and is also a function of the prefrontal areas (adaptation to the environment and behavior depend on them). Cognitive fluidity is the basis of the creativity and, therefore, of the adaptive and survival capacity of our species. It is produced thanks to the appearance of language. Point of maximum incidence of the ETFES© Method.

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Memima Baby educación y mejora del aprendizaje en bebés
estimulación etfes
educación musical para bebés


Prenatal Stimulation (+24 weeks): Listen to these prenatal stimulation exercise sessions daily while you relax in bed or on the couch during pregnancy. Start establishing this routine to continue with the methodology when it is born!

GOAL: Complete all 8 Levels.

Wake up (0-5 years): Adjust this routine and have him listen to these short unique exercises when he wakes up. The best time of day to internalize them by working from auditory memory.

GOAL: Complete all 111 Levels.

Breast or Bottle Feeding (+0 months): Regulates the breastfeeding routine by listening to these super relaxing exercise sessions for your ear training every day.

GOAL: Complete all 8 Levels.


Bath Time (0-36 months): Listen to these sessions of musical language exercises during the daily bath routine to give it an unbeatable sensory and learning dimension. You will add relaxing percussion and human voice to the usual exercises!

GOAL: Complete all 8 Levels.

Massage & Caresses (0-36 months): Follow the rhythm on your body from touch! Active affectionate contact is the key. Exercise sessions with wonderful harmonic colors.

GOAL: Complete all 8 Levels.

Calm & Relaxation (0-5 years): Regulates your baby’s daily sleep routine, improving their language and educating their musical ear. Hearing exercise sessions ideal to calm, relax or lull you to sleep in just a few minutes.

GOAL: Complete all 40 Levels.


Play Instruments (+6 months): We work on creativity and fine motor skills. Musical backgrounds for you to improvise on your piano. It is about experimenting and learning to detect when some notes work better than others on chord progressions or rhythmic bases.

GOAL: Complete 3 Levels.

Sing & Dance (0-5 years): We work on creativity and intonation. Instrumental songs to sing and dance. Improvise singing and creating lyrics together.

GOAL: Complete all 3 Levels.

Mindfulness (2-5 years): We work on concentration and body awareness. Review of the contents of all the sections of hearing and education of the musical ear through relaxation through sound.

GOAL: Complete 8 Levels.

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Your baby will learn and internalize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts as he or she learns how to speak, thus improving his or her communication, language and learning.


Get the app

Your baby will learn and internalize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts. Improving your child’s communication, language development and learning skills.

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