enseñar musica a bebe

Are you thinking about musical training for your baby’s future? Start now, your child will benefit more!

How many of us have wondered how great it would be if we’d learned music and how to play an instrument? How many of us have wanted to pick up a forgotten instrument? How many of us live our lives … Continue Reading

We are born with music already inside us

We are born with music already inside us. Babies soak up musical knowledge even before they’re born and it seems that we are genetically predisposed to make music. Music, therefore, is in our genes! According to the scientist Bruce Richman, … Continue Reading

How does music influence children’s learning process?

Did you know that music has been shown to have a significant effect on children’s learning processes? According to a study carried out over 5 years by neuroscientists from USC, taking music classes and learning to play an instrument appears … Continue Reading

Clases estimulación aprendizaje del lenguaje en bebés

Welcome to the blog

The blog Welcome to the Baby Wise Tunes blog, a place where we will share news, information and reports of interest and where we hope to answer your questions about parenting and how music influences the cognitive and social development … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

estimulacion temprana

What is this about early stimulation?

Early stimulation is providing babies and children the best opportunities for their physical, intellectual and social development. In this sense, early stimulation includes a series of exercises and activities which can be applied from birth until the child reaches 6 … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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7 apps for your baby’s first year of life

Your baby’s born. Now what? Whether you’re one of those mothers who monitored your contractions with an app, or whether you didn’t want the cellphone anywhere near you at that time, we are sure that you can’t help but think … Continue ReadingContinue Reading