Memima Baby®


is the first early stimulation App that sets out
auditory musical training for your baby and adapts it so that both
of you can connect in a unique and special way

Memima Baby® integrates the ETFES© (Ear Training for Early Stimulation) Method, a unique early stimulation method for babies that combines the language of music and sound

Boost your baby’s brain power. Boost your baby’s ability to learn any language

Session after session your baby will memorize all kinds of melodic and rhythmic patterns. This will improve their language and learning skills


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A unique and exclusive method created for you

Memima Baby® offers you thousands of musical language exercises adapted for your baby and informs you of your progress in the following routines:


Calm & Relaxation

Sessions of musical language exercises and water sounds to relax before bedtime

Breast or bottle feeding

Teach them the language of music while breastfeeding, bottle feeding or while eating

Bath time

Musical language exercises to accompany bath time. A unique moment to stimulate through the senses

Massage & caresses

Massages, caresses and pampering through the language of music

Play instruments – Kick start learning

Listening sessions of musical language exercises designed to improvise on a musical instrument



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Memima Baby® in 4 easy steps

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A unique method that will let you educate and stimulate your baby’s musical pitch from love and affection – an Ear Training For Early Stimulation


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When should we listen to the first exercise session?


Select the type of workout


Breast or bottle feeding, bath time, massage & caresses, calm & relaxation, to put your child to sleep…


One hour a week of listening to the musical theory exercises is enough for the full brain benefits to take place

Work different sections at the same time!

Complete a listening session


Complete a listening session

Press play. The method and App are designed so that right session always appears depending on what you previously listened to

Complete up to 6000 minutes of exercise sessions to get the best benefits of Memima Baby‘s ETFES method

Start now, your child will benefit more

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Our stories

Read the opinions of other parents who have tried our method

"Participating in this project was a highly rewarding experience for me and my daughter. I loved seeing how Abril continued interacting with the music more and more, week after week. Now that she's a bit bigger, seeing how she has a really broad vocabulary and how she understands everything we say, makes me see that the method really works."
Emma LlensaMother of Abril
"Participating in this project has been a gift! A musical routine that gave us the possibility to stop everything and just watch and listen to Pau. The music transported me to places where I felt calm and had complete peace of mind. Also, seeing how Pau acquired listening and speaking skills so early allows me to confirm that it works wonders."
Imma GaroleraMother of Pau
"The sessions have been moments of peacefulness, relaxation and connection between me and my daughter. They have been times when we could create a bond and just enjoy the moment!"
Marta BorrellMother of Clara
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