ETFES© Method

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Music language education from the 1st month of life

Auditory stimulation

Categories: Prenatal stimulation, Breast or bottle feeding, Calm & relaxation, Bath time, Massage & caresses, Learn to speak and Language learning. (0-36 months)

The goal in these categories is to stimulate and improve your kid’s Auditory Perception from beauty, wonder and affection. The correct memorization of the rhythmic and melodic patterns of the more than 2,000 ear training exercises will be the basis of success.

From home

The ETFES© Method considers parents as the best educators. Where we learn how to speak, we will learn the language of music or solfège. Home is the only place where the necessary constancy for this type of learning process can be maintained. Maintain the constancy in the auditions: 100 minutes weekly (1-3 auditions per day). Taking advantage of the daily routines.

The App is designed so that the right session always appears depending on what you previously listened to.

Solfeggio exercises

The goal will be to complete 6,000 minutes of listening exercises going through the different levels, combining the categories that best suit in your every day life.

Each exercise session includes between 1 and 6 exercises of about 40 seconds duration, with 1 or 2 related compositions.

As you progress through the different levels of each section, your baby will memorize the sound of all kind of music theory concepts. As a result, Memima Baby® will thicken the web of circuits vital to sound processing and comprehension.

Piano exploration

Backing Tracks for their musical instrument practice and exploration in the category: Play instruments (+6 months). A minimum of 1,000 minutes of listening exercises should be completed before you start working in this category. When the time comes, we want them to improvise and explore it. Your baby will surprise you with intentional fragments already memorized thanks to listening sessions.

You can also start practicing simple basic piano exercises with your Premium Access

  • Musical concepts memorization (0-5 years old)

  • The language of music at a simple click

  • Teach your baby the basics on his piano (+6 months)

  • You will be surprised with the results!







Get the app

Your baby will learn and memorize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts as he or she learns how to speak, thus improving his or her communication, language and learning.


Get the app

Your baby will learn and memorize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts. Improving your child’s communication, language development and learning skills.

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