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Why should I teach musical language before age 3?

Memima Baby® puts the ETFES© Method Ear Training For Early Stimulation at your fingertips with an auditory and vestibular neurolinguistic approach specially designed and adapted for the pre-linguistic period (0 to 12 months) and the early linguistic period (12 to 36 months of age).

We consider parents to be the best educators, especially in this period of life when educational activities at home have a huge positive impact on the development of child and babies.

Early education in listening and language is the strategy that favors those skills that allow the child to communicate with their environment; including the baby’s understanding, expressive, integrative and gestural capacity.

The hearing function of the child is the main way to learn language. This is a magical period in the development of the brain in which we can take advantage of a window of unrepeatable neuronal opportunity.

Therefore, stimulating and educating your baby’s musical ear with Memima Baby is the best option to live a unique experience that will bring you great benefits. You will become her first music teacher and you will educate from beauty, wonder and attachment.

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Memima Baby educación y mejora del aprendizaje en bebés

After 160 sessions, I can affirm that the constancy in the method is able to generate really amazing results but, undoubtedly, the best part of these sessions is to be able to generate a climate in which to enjoy together, pamper ourselves and enjoy learning”

Raquel Martínez – Badajoz, ES

educación musical para bebés

“The sessions have become a unique and special moment, where we create a unique connection and bond. I have also noticed a very positive evolution at his language learning process We are delighted with the method and recommend it without hesitation”

Almudena Moreno – Madrid, ES

100% language and learning development method recommended by pediatricians

Pilar Vicente – Girona, ES

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Your baby will learn and memorize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts as he or she learns how to speak, thus improving his or her communication, language and learning.


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Your baby will learn and memorize the sound of all kinds of musical concepts. Improving your child’s communication, language development and learning skills.

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