The blog

Welcome to the Baby Wise Tunes blog, a place where we will share news, information and reports of interest and where we hope to answer your questions about parenting and how music influences the cognitive and social development of your baby. You will discover how gentle and respectful early stimulation can help babies, including premature ones. We will explore the ETFES Method, how it was created and the many benefits it has for baby’s development and on their relationship and bonding with their parents.

Psychologists, scientists, doctors, mothers, fathers and other professionals will also give us their points of view on different aspects of the parenting adventure and baby development, obtaining a general view from many perspectives of the benefits of music on cognitive and emotional development of babies.

The Project

The project did not come about overnight, but many years of research and tests were needed to perfect and finally verify the effects that we were looking for with the ETFES Method. The Method, began the experimentation stage with a group of mothers in 2015. The Method had already been created, but he needed to know how babies and parents would respond to the sessions. Every week the parent volunteers received a listening exercise session and after doing the sessions with the babies, they would send feedback on the reaction.

The result was a complete success, the parents observed how their babies evolved in their relationship with music and learnt to associate them with emotions. At first they smiled, then they looked for the source of the sound, later they recognised and reacted to certain patterns. A clear evolution in the understanding of the emotions caused by the music they listened to, making the baby think using musical notes.

The Method also created a special moment between parents and children. The duration of the sessions became a moment of intimacy and connection between them, strengthening the mother/father-child bond.


We welcome you on this parenting adventure, a journey that you cannot compare with any other life experiences and the most important you will ever take. We will join you on this trip to help you and understand your experiences, know your concerns, answer any questions you may have and, in short, be your guiding light. Are you ready? Let’s begin!